Job Title

Full-time or Part-time BlueStar Trainer (Contractor)


Baltimore, MD



Hiring Manager

Kevin McRaith (CEO)

Revision Date

October 6, 2014

Company & Culture

Hiring is the most important thing we do. Each WellDoc associate contributes greatly to the success of this rapidly growing privately held company. Founded in 2005, our healthcare technology company has developed award winning mobile and web-based software service solutions for improving the lives of those living with chronic disease. WellDoc works with many of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical Companies, Wireless Operators, Health Insurance Providers, and Hardware Manufacturers.

At WellDoc you’ll find a dynamic, highly passionate team working in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. We are results oriented and work together to meet our objectives. We seek to delight our customers through improved outcomes and reduced costs. To achieve this we strive for best practices and utilize our FDA compliant quality system to develop and deliver superior products and customer service.

Job Purpose

You have the opportunity to join the emerging leader in clinically proven mobile healthcare (mHealth). As such, you will have the unique opportunity to help define the mHealth industry and demonstrate to the world that mHealth can be commercialized within mainstream healthcare. This industry is the fastest growing part of healthcare, where medical devices, telecommunications, IT, and disease management are intersecting to deliver value in ways never before seen.

Our products are disruptive and revolutionary in nature, and they often simultaneously serve patients, physicians, nurses, and even enterprises. You will be working with patients to ensure a successful initial experience with BlueStar that ensures ongoing engagement. Our rapidly expanding organization means there are significant opportunities for career development.

Position Type

Contract trainer for BlueStar, Full time or part time

Full time position requires 40 hours.
Part time position requires a minimum of 20 hours.

Job Responsibilities

Complete certification training for BlueStar.
This training prepares you to leverage your patient education experience with knowledge about the new technology to ensure that you are prepared to work with type 2 patients who have been prescribed BlueStar.

Provide BlueStar patient training as assigned for individual or group sessions (when practical).
Initially, you will need to provide face-to-face training as required. This training may take place in office practices, the WellDoc office, or neutral locations (such as library or coffee shop). Since this is a first in class product, the training model will evolve to include remote and virtual training support and your role may evolve.

Participate in a BlueStar Trainer Learning Network.
There will be opportunity for feedback and dialogue for ongoing enhancements to the training program.

Training Support